About Us

Our Instructors

We have some of the most experienced and knowledgeable instructors that can be found. We are a family owned and operated business with three generations of captains teaching our students. Only the most qualified captains can be our instructors.

Our Accommodations and Classroom
We here at Nautical Academics try to make your experience of getting your license as simple and relaxed as possible. Our Classroom is designed to aide and foster learning. We also offer Accommodations for out of the area students, or students that would like to take advantage of a quiet place to study. Since we are located in the middle of downtown there are plenty of restaurants and places to walk and grab something to eat and drink and relax during your stay. Also if you are flying in we would love to come and pick you up from the airport.

Our Second Home
Over the years we have made our second home on the beaches of Delaware. Throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall we hold classes in the Bethany/Rehoboth Area near the beautiful Indian River Inlet. It is like coming home, our Founder Captain Bill was one of the original B's of 3B's Captain School located in that area, and spent much time on the shore. 

We also just purchased a lake home near the shores of Lake Erie. We have always had a love of the lake and its great fishing. Again it is like coming home as many of our course were written by Captain Bill as he stared out over Lake Erie when living in the Cleveland area.