OUPV Online

Welcome to the OUPV Online! Perhaps you don't have time to devote to a classroom course, perhaps you would rather work at your leisure on getting your license. We want to make things quick and easy for you while still
getting the best knowledge and education that we have been striving for over 30 years. Our OUPV Online Course is the perfect thing for you. We cover all of the subjects that we do in the normal classroom setting through step by step modules. Immersing you in the classroom while you are sitting at your computer. Benefit from learning in the comfort of your own home, boat, or Image result for computer on a boatwhere ever your port of call is.

When you sign up for the OUPV Online Experience You will:
  • Have access to our online modules which you can watch over and over to retain as much information as possible
  • Recieve a package in the mail within a few days with
    • Your textbook
    • Workbook
    • Information Packets
    • Chart
    • Plotting Tools
  • Once completion of the course when you are ready, sign up to take the test at any of our testing locations and dates.
  • We will do a quick review, answer any questions before administering the exams
  • The Cost for this course is $485.00

To Sign up for the OUPV Online Please Click on the following link:

You will have to complete the information form and purchase access to the course, your access will be valid for 1 year from the purchase date. Please follow all instructions and if at anytime please contact us for help and information.

Users that have already signed up please Click Here  (make sure you are first signed in here)