Our Courses

OUPV- The Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels course is the basic Captains license that you can receive. It allows YOU, the captain to charge people for services on the water, of up to 6 paying passengers on a vessel less than 60 feet. We offer courses on a regular basis of either:

  • 3 weekends: Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday, Final exam on the third Sunday

  • 1 Week: 2 weekends Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday Monday-Friday evenings, exam the 2nd Sunday

  • 5 Day: Monday-Friday all day

Check our schedule of upcoming dates and find the class that works best in your schedule, also if you have a small group or organization we can set something up for you.

Masters Upgrade- The Masters Upgrade allows the Captain with an OUPV license to have a Master Captains license. This allows you to operate vessels with more than just 6 paying passengers and vessels within their gross tonnage requirements. We offer this course directly following our OUPV courses

1 weekend: Thursday and Friday evenings, all day Saturday and Sunday.

Assistance Towing and Auxiliary Sail Endorsements- These are Endorsements that you can put onto your license that allow you to do greater things with them and are an asset to have, they are courses that focus on the subjects of towing, and sailing. Each are offered individually with their own exam usually after the OUPV or Masters Course, but contact us for special group courses

Rules of the Road and Deck General- Bother are Special Courses needed for an upgrade, contact us for more information.

Upcoming Courses- Celestial Navigation, Fire Fighting, First Aid, and Radar

Non Licensing Courses- Say you always wanted to learn to navigate the seven seas, or are a new boater, or just want to make our water ways a safer place. We can teach you the arts of navigation, the Rules of the Road, safe boating and boat handling, as well as other interesting nautical subjects and private in water lessons. These are knowledge based courses and have no certification or licensing attached to them. Contact us if you are interested in learning some of the tools of the trade or want to arrange a group lesson/class session for your organization or group of friends.

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